I was asked for tutorials about the graphic side of making adventure games, but i prefer to give you links from places and people you can learn from in the net, most of the links are not adventure games specific, but they will aid you in achieving good graphic results:



.- How to draw locations the Brawe way By "Naphtalite Productions" (Really great tutorial)


.- Interior Scenes By "Naphtalite Productions" (Really great tutorial)


.-By "Kafka's Koffee"

.-Part 1

.-Part 2

.-Part 3

.-Part 4


.-Making a realistic planet in photoshop By "Greg Martin"


.-Making a realistic Starfield By "Greg Martin"


.-Beyond Backgrounds, Making an environment By "Kelly"



.-This is a great tutorial by "Kafka's Koffee"

.-Part 1

.-Part 2

.-Part 3


.- Walkcycle by "Kafka's Koffee"

.-Part 1

.-Part 2



.-Easing by "Kafka's Koffee"



.-Links for lots of Different Software abailable (including free ones) by "Glenfx" (comments in spanish)


.-Free books about how to draw by "Glenfx" (comments in spanish)


.-From sketch to final drawing in Photoshop by "Glenfx" (I made this in spanish)


.-Great free Videos about painting by "Bugmeyer"


.-Great free Videos about painting by "Bobby Chiu"


.-Great free Videos about painting by "Dani Draws"


.-Great free Video about Painting by "Diane Ozdamar"


.-Drawing for clasical animation By "KarmaToons"


.-Sketch techniques by "Goro" (Video tutorials)


.-Color Theory by "Color Matters"


.-Text effects by "the Photoshop Roadmap"


.-Great Video tutorials by "several artists" (commercial)


.-Great Video tutorials by "Cartoonsmart" (commercial)