Welcome to my Visionaire (adventure creation system) Tutorial page

These tutorials will teach you how to create your first adventure step by step, I’m not going to teach you how to create your images or animations, I will teach you how to set things up inside Visionaire to make your own games.

The tutorials can be quite graphically intensive especially the scene tutorial so be patient.

If you are new to Visionaire I would suggest you to read the tutorials in order. If you have made adventure games before or have used Visionaire you can read the parts that most interest you. Keep in mind you can learn other ways or work around things you know, so you are free to read all the tutorials.

I will try to add more tutorials as there are a few parts missing like the Dialogues, but I’m not 100% working on them right now, so check back often to see if I made an update.

Hope you enjoy your reading and hope it gets you started in creating adventure games.


PS: This site is Hosted in the Visionaire 2D homesite, thanks to Timo.