11.- RUNAWAY like MOUSE interaction. (FOR VERSION 2.8.2 but applicable to V3.1


This tutorial will be updated soon


This tutorial will teach you how you can achieve a mouse interface similar to the one used in RUNAWAY.


Before I start I would suggest you to get a bit more familiar with Visionaire and for that I recommend you read the previous tutorials in this site.


The very first thing you should change is the “MOUSE SETTINGS”, if you’ve played RUNAWAY you should remember the cursor only changed while it touched interactive objects or characters and you could change your mouse cursor ONLY if your mouse stayed INSIDE the interactive area, so we are going to set the “USE FOR INDIVIDUAL ACTIONS” in both the left and right mouse buttons.



That is basically it, now with this you MUST create ALL interactions in your object’s actions.


So now you go to your SCENES and create in your object’s ACTIONS a “MOUSE ENTERING” execution type

And add the action SET COMMAND “LOOK” And SET CURSOR “LOOK”

(I chose look since in RUNAWAY it changed to the look cursor by default)



Now we must create an interaction “off”, so when the cursor leaves the interactive area it resets back to the main pointer.

Since my main pointer is the WALK cursor that is the one I’m choosing, but it could be a pointer, a hand… whatever.

So for this we add an action “MOUSE LEAVING OBJECT AREA” and add the “SET COMMAND” and “SET CURSOR” to the pointer so in this case I selected the WALK cursor and walk command.



OK, now, remember in RUNAWAY you could only change to a TAKE cursor if it was an object and to a TALK cursor if it was a character? Well to make that command we are going to add another action this time the execution type “RIGHT CLICK (EXECUTION AT OBJECT)” and we again add the SET COMMAND and SET CURSOR this time for the TAKE cursor (if it was a character then you would create it for the TALK cursor)



Save and test it…. GREAT isn’t it?, well, the only catch of this method is you must create this interaction in EVERY object and character. But it un-clutters your game a huge deal and you still have quite some interaction.


Again, you can also create conditions and expand the interactivity; the following image is for a test I was using for two playable characters, so in essence if character one was selected then the TALK cursor appeared, but if the second character was selected then the LOOK cursor appeared.

The RIGHT CLICK command had an IF statement similar to the one of the example bellow stating a TAKE cursor for the character one and a TALK for character two.

(NOW is your time to be creative, use conditions mixed with IF/ELSE actions and you can have great long interactions but for this tutorial it cant be easier to teach than this ^^)