Fonts are very important since most of the time your game uses dialogues, and creating different fonts for each character makes the game feel much better


.- Make a grid 6x17 square spaces, add a 1 or 2 pixel tall by 8 pixels wide line (or around 5mm long) (something similar to this __ ) this represents the line guide for the text in the first 6 squares of the left side and its needed.

(each line should be like the beginning of the guide line) I made this line to go out the left side of the image to work as a ruler.

Then placed each font on every square

Take note that each letter should match the description you write for the alphabet (font settings)

A couple of very important things to be aware of when making fonts.

Arrow.-Each font you draw must be a solid representation of the symbol. I mean, i had problems with fonts because my " was represented by two individual lines, but the engine saw them as independent lines like this ' ' , so the text had the wrong image attached to it because of this.
IdeaYou can use dots over an i or a j letter or double points like : or the = sign since reading them from left to right the engine will see only one object, but a " will be read from left to right as two distinct objects like this ' '

Arrow.- ALSO Be VERY aware on dust or problems between your letters. If you reorganize your letters you probably get a pixel or two left behind, this will cause the engine to identify the pixels as a letter, even a line on the far right of the image will represent a letter, and this causes problems.

Arrow.-Use a 2x8 pixels horizontal line for your guide lines, DONT use the representation of your underline font for this.
I had problems with the downloadable fonts in the download section because the guide lines where margins of the font.

Now, To make them work in your game now you create new fonts in the FONT panel, rename them depending on where you are going to use them.

Then go into PROPERTIES and load the Font image you are going to use.



If you want the letters to display a bit more compact, you can use negative numbers in the letter and line spacing tabs like in the following example.




Depending on how you created your font image you are going to create the alphabet for it.


Take a look at the image bellow and the alphabet description; you should see they both match.


Use this description in the "alphabet" tab:



Also note how Visionaire understood the font image and created a box for each unique font and also notice how the green guide lines were not included.



I made these fonts to share them with the visionaire comunity; if you want to make your own fonts you can use these as template.

If you Do use my fonts in your games the only thing I ask of you is to give me credit for their creation.