8.- Making an Inventory in the style of TELLTALEs Sam and Max


The inventory can be made in a LOT of different ways, some make it similar to Monkey Island 3 or Fullthrottle, others create inventories similar to the old Lucas Arts adventure games similar to Maniac mansion 2 and monkey island 1 and 2, but Im going to show you another one but similar to the new Sam And Max games from TellTale.


Lets start by creating TWO new Interfaces in the interface panel, lets name them INVENTORY_ON and INVENTORY_OFF


Let’s start with the INVENTORY_OFF, the first interface was named OFF since it will only work as a button that will open the real inventory.

The first thing we should do is load the Image of this inventory, to do so lets go to the PROPERTIES panel an in the background Image select the image of your inventory. Since I want to place it at a specific position I selected the ABSOLUTE displacement and used an OFFSET in Y of 403 (Y is VERTICAL placement on the screen and X is HORIZONTAL placement on the screen) (depending on the resolution of your game and the size of your inventory’s image this number will defer greatly, just play with numbers and do test runs to see the changes)

You can do this to establish your interface’s position: take the game’s vertical size (this tutorial height is 600… remember the 800x600 resolution?) and subtract the height of your interface’s size (in this case my inventory was 197 pixels height) so the placement for MY inventory was at 403

(600 – 197 = 403) you don’t need to be a math guru to figure this up ^^


Also establish the CLASS as SECONDARY INTERFACE, since this is only going to work as a Button we need to classify it as a SECONDARY INTERFACE because we want to be able to show/hide the inventory later on and we don’t want to mess with the mouse interface which is part of the Main interface, If we establish it as another inventory interface then it will hide too since the function show/hide affects the interfaces depending of their class.



Now open the BUTTONS panel and you should see your Inventory image, now create a new button, I called it INVENTORY_ON_BUTTON, and created a polygonal area in the shape of the image

Also establish the Button type as an ACTION AREA (action areas work as clickable buttons)



IMPORTANT, you ALSO need to create an interface area  similar to the polygonal area. The Interface area specifies the area of the interface, if the image covers too much transparent space you won’t be able to make your character walk under that area unless you specify the interface area (Note how I selected only the red button area and left the transparent area out of the interface).


Now we are going to create an action for the INVENTORY_ON_BUTTON button, Open the ACTIONS panel and add a new action, set the Execution type to LEFT CLICK (you can also create the execution type of “Cursor Enters button area” if you want a pop up effect), for the action part lets create a SHOW/HIDE INTERFACE for the INVENTORY class and select SHOW.

What we did is create a button that will show the inventory when pressed.


Now lets configure the INVENTORY_ON interface

Go to the PROPERTIES and load the image for the Inventory in an OPEN state, select under CLASS to be an INVENTORY, If this inventory is of the same height than the INVENTORY_OFF then select the ABSOLUTE displacement and use the same number for the Y offset (for this tutorial it is 403)



For the inventory I want to be able to close it when I leave the interface area, for this we are going to add an action to the “ACTION ON LEAVING” in the properties of the inventory.


Select the button  and a new window will open, here you will create an action with the SHOW/HIDE INTERFACE action part for the INVENTORY set to HIDE.

What we did is tell the interface to hide when we go out of the inventory area.


Now go into the BUTTONS panel and here we are going to create several buttons, I created 4 ITEM HOLDERS, these are the spaces where the items you collect in the game are going to be displayed in, each item holder can hold only ONE item, so you should create a few holders if you can store several items.

(if you need more items in your inventory than the amount of spaces available, you can create arrow buttons with the BUTTON TYPE established as SCROLL ITEMS UP or DOWN and these will cycle trough the entire inventory)


For the ITEM HOLDERS establish the Button type to PLACEHOLDER for ITEMS and create the corresponding polygon area for each.


I created an extra button called MENU, and it works similar to the F1 key, it loads the MENU screen. (you should know how to establish this already by now.)


IMPORTANT: the INTERFACE AREA  should cover ALL the buttons in this interface or you wont be able to use the items.


Before we go on testing our interfaces we need to apply them to our character, go to the characters tab, select the players character and under the INTERFACES tab check the INVENTORY_OFF interface, dont activate the INVENTORY_ON because that is going to be done trough the Inventory_off button.


Before we go testing it we should change the inventory’s visibility, for this we will open the GAME panel  an in the “AT BEGINNING START FOLLOWING ACTION” lets create an action  to SHOW/HIDE INTERFACE for the INVENTORY set to HIDE


If we don’t add this we will have the inventory shown open at the beginning while the idea is to have it closed at default and being opened by the user at will.



Do a test run and you should see something like this, the button that opens the inventory.


And after the inventory is opened.

You are now ready to create Items